Doug Koschik, Library Director


Baldwin Public Library
300 W Merrill St
Birmingham, MI 48009

Baldwin is here to serve the communities of Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Bloomfield Hills. Our mission reads: "The Baldwin Public Library enriches Birmingham and participating communities by providing opportunities and resources for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn, connect, and discover." The Library accomplishes this through its fine staff, rich collections, and an extensive array of youth, teen and adult programs.

The Library Board, our management team, and staff are committed to maintaining a high level of service even as Baldwin adopts a new business model, one that places more emphasis on cost containment, enhanced revenues, and improved relations with all elements of the communities that Baldwin serves.

If there's anything that would enrich your experience with Baldwin, please take a moment to let me know using the form below. Your comments or suggestions will help us become a better library.

Thank you,

Doug Koschik

Library Director.