Library Policies

The Baldwin Public Library is governed by a six member elected library board.  The Library Board operates with one goal in mind: to provide the best possible library service to the citizens of the community.

The Library Board by state statue is authorized to:

  • Adopt bylaws and rules for the board’s governance;
  • Maintain control over the building and grounds of the library;
  • Control the expenditure of all funds credited to the library fund;
  • Appoint, supervise, evaluate, discipline or remove a director;
  • Approve an annual library budget; and
  • Adopt policies, rules and regulations regarding use of the library.

The library cannot operate effectively without formally adopted, written policies.  “Formally adopted” means that the policies are adopted by resolution of the library board in a meeting conducted according to the Open Meetings Act.

The library board acts as the public trustee of the library. The community entrusts the library’s welfare to the board and expects the board to keep the library running correctly. Boards also have the responsibility to see that adequate funding is provided. Sometimes boards act in a quasi-judicial capacity when they have to resolve differences of opinion, such as personnel disputes and complaints from citizens.

The Michigan Constitution grants public library boards the authority and responsibility to adopt regulations, or policies, for the public’s use of libraries.

If you have questions concerning any of these policies please contact the Library Director at 248-647-7339 or  The Library Board meets on the 3rd Monday of each month in the library.  All members of the public are encouraged to attend.  Library Policies are reviewed annually at the July meeting or more often if needed.  Citizen input into these decisions is always welcomed.

MICHIGAN PUBLIC LIBRARY TRUSTEE MANUAL, 2004 edition, Library of Michigan, page 5.

All Library Policies

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