The following are loan periods of the many items you can check out from Baldwin Library, along with their daily overdue fine and maximum overdue fine. Note that lost items incur a charge for the full replacement cost and a $5.00 processing fee. 

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Item Types

Item Type Loan Period Daily Overdue Fine Max Overdue Fine
Hot Picks Book* 2 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Hot Picks DVD* 2 nights $1.00 $10.00
Books 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Paperbacks 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Holiday Books 1 week $0.20 $10.00
Audio Books 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Non-feature DVDs 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Music CDs 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
CD-ROMs 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Feature DVDs 1 week $1.00 $10.00
Magazines 1 week $0.20 $3.00
Youth Magazines 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Video Games* 1 week $1.00 $10.00
Puppets 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Toys 3 weeks $0.20 $10.00
Inter-library Loan Varies $0.20 $10.00

*Hot Picks and Video Game items are free for Baldwin cardholders; they cost $2.00 for non-Baldwin cardholders.

Learn more about lost items and claims returned procedures.


You may renew your library materials in person, by phone or online. To renew during library hours by phone, call 248-647-1700. You will need to have your library card number in order for us to access your record. In order to renew online you will need your barcode number and your pin to access your account.

To renew your material online, access your account and select “Renew my materials.” Next, type in your library barcode or Alt ID and PIN and click on “List Charged Items.” You will see a list of the items checked out to you. Click in the box next to each item you wish to renew. Finally, click on “Renew Selected Items”. If the item has successfully been renewed, you will see the new due date. If the item is not renewable, you will see the statement “Failed to be renewed.” Pay careful attention to the message displayed to know if the renewal has been successful. If the items were overdue, fines will be assessed.

Up to four renewals are permitted on most materials. Hot Picks books and DVDs cannot be renewed. Any item that is on hold for another patron is not available for renewals.


Holds are a premium service available only to cardholders from Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Bloomfield Hills. Holds can be placed on any item except Hot Picks books, Hot Picks DVDs or puppets. Holds can be placed in person, by phone, or online.

To place a reserve online, search the catalog and select the title you would like to reserve. Type in your library barcode and PIN. You will then be given instructions to complete the process.

If you have an email address registered at the library, you will receive email notification when the item is available for you. Otherwise, the notification will be mailed to you. Reserves are held for one week and may be picked up from the hold shelf across from the circulation desk.

If you wish to have someone pick up a hold that has been placed on your account, you will need to complete and sign the Written Consent Form of Use of Library Card.