Why did the Library get a new online catalog?

The Library got a new online catalog so that electronic materials in the collection could be better integrated. Users can now see the Library's e-Book and e-Audiobook holdings in without having to visit a separate website, and e-Books and e-Audiobooks can be checked out or placed on hold from within the catalog. You can also view all of your checkouts and holds, for physical and electronic materials, in your account information. Soon the content from the Library's Hoopla collection will be accessible in the catalog as well.

How can I tell if an item is available or checked out to another patron?

If a physical item is available on the shelf its status will say its location, for example, "Science Fiction--Grand Hall" or "Graphic Novels." If an item is checked out its status will say "Material has been checked/charged out." If an electronic item is available to checkout the blue button next to the title will say "Download" instead of "Place Hold".

Can I still use the Classic BPL Catalog?

Yes, the Classic BPL Catalog is still available to use and there is a link to it in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page in the new online catalog. The Classic BPL Catalog does not show the Library's electronic materials, only the physical items on the shelves. The Classic BPL Catalog will not remain available for use forever, but it will not disappear without ample warning.

It doesn't work on my phone or tablet - why not?

The new catalog has not yet been optimized for use on mobile operating systems by the developer. For those who want to access the collection on their phone, try the BookMyne app. It's free and is available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Look for it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Sometimes I receive the error "Non unique call number, please specify item ID" when trying to place holds, why does this happen?

This is a recurring error that our software developer is trying fix. We know it can be inconvenient and apologize for the annoyance. You may always use the Classic BPL Catalog to place holds, or contact the Adult Services librarians by phone at 248-554-4650 or by email adult.reference@baldwinlib.org to place a hold for you.

Why don't cover images show for all items?

Enriched content for the online catalog, including cover images and descriptions, is provided by a third party vendor, and not all cover images are available. Also, sometimes cover images for items that have been ordered but not yet received will not display.

Why doesn't the Email option work from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu?

This feature cannot be enabled yet, but also cannot be hidden.

Why are the Item Type, Location, and Item Category 1 filters all preceded with "2168:"?

This is an error in the translation of data from our catalog to the website. Our software developer is trying to fix this, but we don't know how long it will take.

If I want help learning how to use the new online catalog, who can help me?

The Adult Services librarians are always happy to help, you may contact them by phone at 248-554-4650 or by email at adult.reference@baldwinlib.org during the Library's open hours.