State history, people, places, and events for elementary school and middle school

Biographical information for middle school and high school

Gives 4-page reports on 175 countries and the 50 states

In depth information for middle school and higher

Quick reference with rich media for middle school and higher.

Internet-based encyclopedia featuring atlases, pictures, photographs and more

The first place to start for searching all of Grolier's encyclopedias

Beginning researchers will find full text information about geography, current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history and sports. Grades K-5.

Features information about countries and cultures of the world for middle school and high school students.

Reference and current events for elementary school and higher.

Science and technology plus science in the news for middle school and high school

Unique resource that engages readers with high interest-low reading level articles.  Includes research tools, text-to-speech and built in translation for multiple languages.

Features stories, activities and videos for preschool and early elementary age students.

Resource tool that assists elementary and middle school students with homework and research projects.

Contains encyclopedia articles, pictures and videos for elementary students.  PreK-Grade 5.  

Integrates primary and secondary sources, websites, timeline builder, atlas and dictionary (World Book)

Spanish version of the World Book Encyclopedia for English language learners. Grades 2-6.