Library Computers

The library has a number of computers available for public use. You will need to be registered as a library cardholder or registered for computer use. Input your barcode or alternate ID along with your PIN to sign into a computer.

Library computers have access to the following programs: Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Power DVD DX, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, and Microsoft Publisher 2007.

The library has one computer equipped with ZoomText for the visually impaired and two computers equipped with scanners.

Library WIFI

The library has wifi throughout the building accessible using the wireless network named BPL Wireless Network. No password or other log in is required, but using the library's wifi is contingent upon accepting our terms of use. Baldwin does not guarantee that your device will be able to connect to the library's network. If you cannot connect, please see a librarian who may be able to assist you.

Printing from Your Laptop

Printing is currently available for many patrons who bring their own laptops. Patrons using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 or those using Mac OS Leopard (10.5), or Mac OS Snow Leopard (10.6) on Intel based Macs will be able to print wirelessly. If you need to print a document, complete the following:

  1. Download the print client software to your computer:
  2. Choose Save or Run from the software popup screen.
    • If you choose Save, run the program from its saved location.
    • If you choose Run, the program will open from a temporary directory.
  3. Print your document.
  4. After entering your Barcode/Alt ID and PIN, your document will be sent to the print release station.
    • If you do not have or do not know your Barcode/Alt ID and Pin stop by the Circulation Desk

In order to print, the print client software must be left running. A button will appear in the taskbar. If the program is closed or if the laptop is turned off, the program must be restarted from its saved location or from Step 1 in the directions above.